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Striker: No Prisoners MC Book 1

Deleted Scenes

SCENE 1 - Girl Time

Lila tapped her toe against the floor. The action competed with her racing heart for the title of Most Impatient Rhythm. She just couldn’t keep still. For the past three hours, she’d been hanging out at the clubhouse with strict instructions not to leave the building, and she was close to her limit. Striker’s room was now spick-and-span. She’d helped a prospect restock the bar area, pretended to read a book on her tablet, and now was in search of something else to occupy her time until the guys returned.

Every single brother went to the warehouse, except one prospect, left behind to baby-sit her. All Striker would divulge, was they had an important shipment scheduled to arrive this afternoon. She was about ninety percent sure the delivery was weapons of some sort, but Striker wouldn’t budge on his silence.

By the day, the conflict with the Grimm Brothers grew more volatile, and Striker wanted to be prepared for whatever trouble arose, which was why Lila assumed it was some kind of artillery.

Nervous energy zinged through her blood. She couldn’t just sit around and wait. Unable to find anything of interest upstairs, she wandered down to the first floor just as the door opened, and Marcie burst into the clubhouse.

She wore a cute purple sundress with white, strappy wedge sandals. The ensemble was very much in contrast to the biker-chick outfits she typically sported. With a grunt, she hefted a brown paper grocery bag onto the bar and scanned the room.

A wide smile crossed Marcie’s face as she glanced up at Lila.

“Hey, girl!” Marcie waved. “Thought you could use some company besides the prospect here. No offense, Kenny.”

“None taken, Miss Marcie,” Kenny replied with a shy smile.

Marcie rolled her eyes. “Miss Marcie? Seriously, Kenny? What am I, your kindergarten teacher?”

Lila laughed as she descended the stairs and met Marcie at the bar. “I’m so glad you’re here. I’ve been going out of my mind alternating between boredom and freaking out.”

“I figured as much, so I brought reinforcements.” Marcie practically bounced with excitement as she reached into the bag and pulled out two martini glasses. “We’re making cosmos,” she announced with a flourish, as she ran around to the other side of the bar, rummaging for supplies.

“Want one, Ken?” Marcie asked him in a syrupy tone while Lila tried not to smirk at the image of the burly, bearded man drinking from the martini glass.

“Umm…no thank you, ma’am.”

“I love to tease him,” Marcie whispered loudly to Lila with a wink. She made herself at home behind the bar, mixing up the girlie drinks.

Lila had to admit a cosmopolitan sounded great. Striker was a beer or Jack man, and while she didn’t mind either, there was something to be said for sharing a fruity drink with a girlfriend.

“You’re looking extra cute today, Marcie. Any special occasion?” On closer inspection, Lila noticed Marcie wore a sleeveless lavender eyelet sundress. It really was adorable, though it was an outfit Lila would have worn to a campaign brunch, not a biker bar.

A faint blush crept across Marcie’s cheeks, and she turned toward the prospect. “Cover your ears, Kenny.”

He groaned, but did as she asked.

As she answered, Marcie placed a martini glass full of bright pink liquid in front of Lila. “Hook kinda has this good girl fetish. Every once in a while I like to dress like this. Drives him wild. Something about me looking innocent and sweet just gets him going.” She smiled, bobbed her eyebrows, and swatted Kenny on the shoulder. “Okay, Kenny, it’s safe. You sure you don’t want one of these?”

“I’m sure,” he grumbled, and Lila could have sworn she heard him mutter under his breath, “Why the hell did I get stuck with the ol’ ladies?

”She lifted her drink, and shot Marcie a saucy wink. “To good girls.” They clinked their glasses together before each taking a sip. Cold, tart liquid filled her mouth. It was delicious, and a much-needed distraction from the day of worrying. “Mmmm, that’s tasty, Marce.”

“It sure is, girl. So how are things going with Striker? I gotta tell you, he’s such an alpha, always very in control and in charge of every situation. Been that way since we were kids. I always thought that would translate to some serious intensity in the bedroom.

”Both women turned at the sound of Kenny’s dramatic banging of his forehead on the bar. This time he didn’t bother to mutter under his breath. “Kill me now,” he said. “I’m not sure the patch is worth this.”

Lila snorted as she tossed back the last of her drink. “So how come you’re so much calmer about today than I am?”

Marcie took a healthy gulp of her drink and smacked her lips. “Mmm, I love that. Well, girl, you’re a newbie. Today’s really not a big deal, whatever it is they’re doing.” She winked.

Yeah, Marcie knew exactly what was going down today.

“Once you’ve been through this a few times, it’ll be old hat.” She swallowed more of the pink liquid. “Seriously, though, there isn’t anything to worry about. This is routine, so we can relax and enjoy the afternoon together.”

Lila took in her words and shoved her apprehension aside. Marcie wasn’t a stupid woman; she’d be worried if there was something to worry about. She lifted the glass to her lips and frowned when nothing entered her mouth. “Whoops, looks like I’m done. Hope there’s enough for another.”

Two hours later, they still sat at the bar giggling and swapping stories about their men. Lila’s head swam as she polished off her third—or was it fourth—cosmo? Marcie proved to be a blast to hang out with, and she hadn’t realized how much she missed silly girl time since she moved to Arizona. Not that she ever had much opportunity to really let loose like this in DC. She was too busy being proper and refined.

Now, they were both about one sip away from hammered, and she loved it. Poor Kenny looked like he wanted to run his motorcycle off the nearest cliff.

“So then,” Marcie continued her story, which had been interrupted by about five minutes of hysterical laughter. “Hook actually fell off the bed and landed on his shoulder. That’s how it got dislocated. He told everyone he fell off a ladder fixing our roof, but really it was because he tried some acrobatic sex thing he saw on the Internet.” She slapped the bar with her hand as the snickers started all over again. “Oh shit! Kenny, pretend you didn’t hear that. Hook will kill me for telling you.”

“Sorry, Marcie, no can do. I gotta get something out of this day.”

Lila cracked up, and slung her arm around Marcie’s shoulders. “Don’t worry. I’ll protect you.”

It was then Striker, Hook, Jester, and Shiv came strolling through the door. All four men halted when they caught sight of the obviously very tipsy women sitting at the bar with an exasperated Kenny.

“Hook!” Marcie yelled and flung her arms in the air like a cheerleader after a touchdown.

“Oh, Jesus,” muttered Hook. “Kenny, what the hell did you let them do?”

Lila grinned and held up her martini glass. “Marcie came to keep me company! Wasn’t that nice of her? She’s such a good girl. Isn’t she, Hook?” She blinked and smiled innocently.

Marcie chocked on her cocktail and attempted to slap Lila’s arm. Unfortunately, she overshot the mark and tipped forward off her chair. She flopped into Hook’s arms as he caught her just in time. “My hero,” she said, planting a sloppy kiss on his mouth.

Striker reached Lila by that point, and he slid an arm around her, plucking the martini glass from her hand. She was so relieved to see him safe and unharmed. There wasn’t enough alcohol in the entire bar to make her forget that today could have gone badly.

When he leaned in to kiss her, she circled her arms around his neck, and kissed him back rubbing her body against him in a way that would let him know exactly what was on her mind.

With a groan, Striker drew back and looked between her and Marcie. “How many of these have you had, babe?”

“Oh just three…ish,” she laughed. “We had fun though.”

“Hell yeah, we did,” added Marcie.

Lila leaned into Striker and spoke next to his ear. “Everything go okay?” she whispered.

He wrapped his arms around her and whispered back. “Perfect. I told you there was nothing to worry about.”

Air whooshed out of Lila’s lungs and tension seeped from her body. She hadn’t realized that she was still so anxious despite the numerous cocktails. The feeling of relief was dizzying. She didn’t want to talk about it now, so she smiled and changed the subject. “We need a woman for Jester. A third cosmo drinking partner would be wonderful.”

“Christ,” Jester said. “How the hell did I get dragged into your crazy chick shit?”

“Alright, trouble,” Striker said, pushing her glass out of her reach. “You ladies spent all afternoon torturing Kenny, you don’t need to start in on Jester.” He pulled her off the bar stool only to pick her up, and hoist her over his shoulder in a fireman’s carry. Lila shrieked as the world flip flopped, and he headed for the stairs. “See you guys later,” he said with a wave over his shoulder as Lila yelped in protest.

Stuck until he decided to put her down, Lila endured the ride. “Hey, Striker, do you remember when Hook dislocated his shoulder?” she asked in a stage whisper.

“Lila!” Marcie’s high-pitched shriek assaulted her ears.

“Striker, you need to get your woman in check,” Hook called after him with a growl

.“On it.”

“Hey!” Lila cried as a sharp stinging pain warmed her ass. “Did you just spank me?”

“That’s right, woman. You’re getting a little mouthy. Time for some discipline.” He popped her on the ass again, and continued up the stairs and down the hall to his room ignoring her feigned protests.

Lila smiled to herself as the heat spread throughout her body. The next few hours would certainly make up for the worry she’d felt all day.

SCENE 2 - No Smoking

The next morning, Striker found himself sitting across the breakfast table on the receiving end of Lila’s narrowed gaze. Her arms were folded across her chest and her foot tapped out an impatient rhythm on the tile floor. She looked sexy as hell this morning, wearing nothing but his T-shirt, with her long dark hair in a messy pile on top of her head.

Lila’s eyes narrowed even further, in what he assumed was supposed to be a reprimanding glare. She rose from her chair and turned away from him, carrying her dishes to the sink. Her actions afforded him a great view of her shapely legs as they extended from below his shirt. Legs he couldn’t wait to feel wrapped around him again.

She wasn’t tall, not by any stretch of the imagination, so it wasn’t that she had long legs, but they were toned from running, silken, and felt like heaven locked around his waist.

Holding in laughter, he took her actions as a challenge. Lila was adorable when she was in a huff, but Striker wisely kept that thought to himself.

When she was distracted with the dishes, he quickly rose to his feet, and snuck up behind her. He took advantage of the fact her hands were busy, and rested his own on her hips before guiding them up under her shirt. “Your skin is so soft, baby,” he whispered in her ear, nipping at the lobe. One hand splayed over her flat stomach while the other closed over a breast. The nipple stiffened against his palm instantaneously, and Striker smiled at the victory.

Lila slackened against him, just for a second, before she regained her resolve and stiffened in his arms. “Oh, no you don’t. You’re not going to charm and seduce your way out of this conversation for a second time.”

She pulled out of his embrace and stomped across the room, the table now a barrier between them, her hands on her hips. The action caused the T-shirt to rise obscenely high on her thighs, and he shifted, trying to alleviate the pressure as his groin thickened.

“You do remember I’m a physician, right?” Her tone was clipped, displeasure obvious in her stance.

This time Striker couldn’t hold back the bark of laughter that had been threatening to escape since he first realized she was pissed at him. “Yes, baby, I haven’t forgotten.”

He coughed in attempt to cover up another laugh. If he really turned on the charm, it would be easy enough to appease her. Most likely that was why she moved halfway across the room, behind the presumed safety of the table. She knew she couldn’t resist him. The thought quirked his mouth up in a self-satisfied grin. But it would only delay the inevitable. There was no way Lila would tolerate him smoking, he was going to have to quit.


He really enjoyed the occasional cigarette.

“Look, Striker, I’m sure you don’t want me to start dropping statistics, so I’m just going to say this, you’re done smoking. Starting now.”

That was it, he lost the battle to remain quiet, and burst out laughing. “This how you’re gonna be when you want something? Throw on one of my shirts, give me a little peek of paradise, and toss out your demands?”

For the first time, Lila seemed to notice that her shirt had ridden up indecently high. She blushed and tugged the hem of the shirt back down. “Striker, I’m serious. It’s a disgusting habit.”

“Okay. I’ll quit.”

“Not to mention—what?” Her mouth formed a surprised O shape.

“I said, I’ll quit.” He shrugged. It wouldn’t be pleasant at first, but he could do it.

“Just like that? You’re not going to argue with me over it?” The mad seemed to drain right out of her as she realized this would be a fight easily won.

“Just like that, babe. This is obviously important to you, and better for me in the long run anyway so, I’ll quit. But I don’t want to hear it if I start eating everything in sight as a substitute.”

She laughed at that, and moved into his arms. With a sweet smile, she wrapped her arms around him and placed a lingering kiss on his bare chest, right over his heart. “Thank you.”

Love for his woman hit him hard, and he cleared his throat, afraid his voice would crack. “Anything for you, babe, anything.”

“You know I’d do anything for you too, right?”

Christ, he was a lucky son of a bitch. “I know. Now that we’ve wasted the time we could have used fucking, we need to get moving. I’m bringing you to the clubhouse so I can go take care of some business with the boys.” After dropping a quick, hard kiss on her mouth, he strode toward the bathroom. “Of course, if we multitask in the shower you could thank me properly.”

Lila stripped his shirt off and flung it to the tile floor right there in the kitchen as she sashayed past him. Striker swore she put a little extra sway in her step just to torture him. When she was halfway down the hall, she looked over her shoulder and winked at him. “Coming, VP?”

Damn, his girl had one hell of an ass. “Just enjoying the view, baby. Keep on walking.”